Louise Ehrmantraut

Hello, I'd like to intruduce Louise Ehrmantraut. She was created for #BnS88 Sim Challenge.

Louise is a dainty and simple woman, yet very pleasant. She works at the Willow Creek Nursing home, where she loves all her patients. One of them, recently passed and left her a small inheritance that she's put into a new home.

Information on her:


Loves the Outdoors


Friend of the World

Louise has a small affinity for birds, and simply adores being outside and listening to them chirp. She keeps her bird feeder full and very often can be found sitting among the many flowers in her new yard, just watching her feathered friends. She doesn't have too many Sim friends yet, as she is very shy with strangers but that's something she's working on and desires one day to be considered a friend of the world.

Here are some pictures of her enjoying her life in her new home.

Thank you for checking her out! I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Feel free to down…

Brownie Cubby - Sims 4

Hey! Welcome to the Brownie Cubby! I appreciate you stopping by. Feel free to comment, leave suggestions, or just say hello!

I can't wait to show you this little starter house. It's one of my favorites for a single sim. So I'm going to get right down to the photos!

We'll start outside, because this house is mostly about being out there! First we'll do the overall house shots, then the little details. Enjoy!

Well now, wasn't that adorable? I bet you want a closer look... This is the walkway from the front of the lot.

 A view of the walkway from the door and a shot of the patio, where you can grill or sit an listen to the wind chimes while you watch birds play. Now, let's go inside!

Won't take long to look inside, it's a very small house. Very compact and adorable! I just love living here.

The Entryway from the door:

 The little reading nook, perfect for a bookworm!

Entry way from the reading nook,

Now this part is the most compact, this area is her …

Top Cottage - Sims 4

Hey! Welcome to the Top Cottage . I appreciate you stopping by. Feel free to comment, leave suggestions, or just say hello!

First, to mention, this house is just a shell. There is nothing done to the inside. Feel free to do what you wish! The upstairs is intended for Kitchen/Living space with a half bath. Downstairs is intended for office, two bedroom and two bath. You could always convert that office into a third bedroom though.

Lets get down to the tour, which is mostly outside. As a matter of fact, all outside. Since it's only a shell!

Back porch is half covered, no protection from rain and some protection from sun with a lattice work top. In the backyard, we have a BBQ/sitting area, and covered above ground pool.

Inside, this is how it is laid out. The upper floor is for kitchen and living space. With a half bath. Downstairs is a two bedroom, office, and two bath. Office has the back patio access.

PLEASE NOTE the download does not include lights or any furniture you see. It&…

Highbrow Library - TS4

Hey! Welcome to the Highbrow Library. My first community build. Also, my first free modern build! I've copied an IRL modern home before, but never built one on my own. I have to say, it was fun and enlightening. I hope you enjoy the tour!

The Highbrow Library is sure to stand out in any town. There are lots of different areas to visit, any one of them to suit your sims needs. Plenty of books to keep you studying well into the night (if the library would just stay open!) If you do stay late, there's an adorable cafe with any of your coffee needs! There's also a fun section for your kids to play in, or read in, while you can find a quieter place. Speaking of quieter place, this library has a space especially for that. Out in the open air we have a great little garden to practice your yoga or just meditate. It's always a good way to calm down, or focus yourself into your studies. Sims utilize it often.

Lets start outside with our tour. There's a good sized parking lot…