LadyBug Master Bedroom

Welcome to the showing of the LadyBug Master Bedroom!

This was built for BuildNShare #96, but feel free to add it to any of your homes!

"ROOM CHALLENGE: Create Jane's master bedroom, you have a budget of §20,000."

Room info:

Room cost: §20,000
Details: Ms. Jane Moore loves red, but not overwhelmingly so. This room should suit her just fine! I think she's also got a thing for laydbugs... I saw quite a few in there.
DL link: LadyBug Master Bedroom

Let's take a look at the place!

The entry to the room;

Sleeping space, with dresser;

The walk in closet;

and EnSuite;

An overview:

     Thanks for checking out my first room build! I hope you like it. Feel free to comment. You're all such wonderful people and I love knowing each of you!

Stay relaxed my friends

Mars Survival Station

So, BuildNShare is hosting a new challenge! This one is to build a survival station that is to be placed on Mars!! Too awesome.

I'm not a very great builder though, so LOL I won't be entering this time around. Perhaps next. I've put the pictures of the build I did make so you could hunt for some mousetraps. Feel free to comment if you have suggestions on what I could improve.

Original BNS info:

Design a Mars Habitation for a 6-Sim team of astronauts and scientists.
Habitation must be fully self-contained (there is no atmosphere!)
Must include areas or objects for sleeping, hygiene, fitness, cooking, recreation, plants, and research.
Built on a 30x30 or smaller lot. No more than 1 level below ground, which can also include a swimming pool (but no other usable floorspace) and no more than two levels above ground. (for a maximum of 3 total floors)
This is a prototype build, so ‘landscape’ doesn’t matter, but it should be isolated from other structures.

Okay, so I don't l…