Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tempt Cottage - Sims 2

This is Tempt Cottage - No virtual tour at this time, and I am working around an error to get it uploaded. Not available for download at this moment, check back.

It is built in and for The Sims 2
1 bedroom 1 bath, living room/library, den/study, dining room, kitchen
Front and back porch

Front overview

Back overview


Living room/Library

Living room / Library

Other half of main room
Door is to bathroom shared with master bedroom




Dining room

Master bedroom

other half of Master bed
left door - exit
right door - bathroom shared with main room

I hop you like it. I am working around the errors I am getting when I attempt an upload to The Sims  I will update here to let you know when it is available!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fisher Mansion

*** This home is no longer available for download - sorry ***

This is Fisher Mansion!
Equipped with - 2 bedroom, 2 and a half bath. House is set up for and ready for a baby as well, includes crib, highchair and toys. Living room/Library, Den, Kitchen and dining area.
This place is built for a fish lover, or collector, and has many fish tanks and bowls ready to accept fish!

Outer view


Left archway goes to the den

Main room tanks

Another tank in main room
Left door - guest bathroom
Right door - 2nd bedroom

Living room / Library seating area
Left door - 2nd bedroom
Right door - Master bedroom

Dining area


Den (1/2)

Den (other 1/2)

Master bedroom, attached bath to the right

2nd bedroom - attached bath

Thanks for viewing!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cali Cottage

This home is available for download (link at the bottom of the post) - if that link fails, please comment.

This is Cali Cottage!
Outside - Ground level patio, open for decor. Small garden ready for planting
1st floor - Study, Den, Dining area, Kitchen, Two bedrooms with two full bathrooms.
Price furnished - §35,309

Cali Cottage over view


Ground level patio

Layout - Single story

Entry / study area

Den with computer

One bedroom
Left door, attached bath

Second bedroom
Left door - exit
Right door (barely seen) attached bath

Dining area

This house is available for download here - Cali Cottage

I hope you enjoy it!!

Marlese Palace

** Download link at the bottom of the post - if it fails, please comment **

This is the Marlese Palace!
Outside - Patio, porch, two car parking, garden, pool
Downstairs - Den/reading area, Dining room, Kitchen, Laundry room, Half bath
Upstairs - Study with balcony, Master bedroom with full bath and balcony, Second bedroom with full bath
Price furnished : §86,800

Maltese Palace Overview

Detached Patio

Parking and Garden area, no the house does not come with the patrol car ;-)

Lagoon pool area

House front

House Back

1st Floor, layout



Den/reading area
Left door - laundry room
Right door - 1/2 bathroom

Laundry Room

Dining room


2nd Floor, layout

Upstairs Study

Study balcony

Second bedroom
Left door - full bath (who hasn't seen one of those?)
Right door - balcony

2nd Befroom balcony

First bedroom
Left door - exit
Right door - full bath (again no pic, it's a bathroom)

Download the Marlese Palace here - Marlese Palace