Sonia's Palace

I hope you have a few minutes! This is the biggest house I've done, so there are many many pics. 134 to be precise. So here we go!

This is Sonia's Palace, built for a good friend Sonia by request! §830,000. It has ... well a lot of bedrooms, a nursery kids play room and childrens room. Basically this house has everything you want. Using only the expansions; World Adventures, Late Night, Generations and Pets.

Click HERE to download Sonia's Palace !

Shots from outside

 First floor pictures


 Second Floor shots


 Third Floor (attic)

 Basement (party room!)
Covers the size of the house


  1. I love big houses in Sims..but DAYUM! It would take an army of Sims every minute of every day to clean this bad boy! WHEW! Well, you like it?
    Ashley, you did a great job of designing and decorating fav room is the teal and green bedroom..I think on the second floor. Loved the colors!

  2. Oh..and I gotta know..what was the final cost in Simoleans for this monster?

  3. Don't even know where to start. Favorite rooms: children's playroom, pet's playroom, caged pet's room, dining room with all the colored glass bottles against the windows! AbFAb!

  4. Oh, and the aqua bathroom and the green bathroom, the bedroom with the dragon fountain, the pool and fountain,the game room...and that basement looks interesting :)

  5. I love your houses, they are so gorgeous.. You inspire me to build more.. :) Everything to you, i love the way you match the details of the walls to the furniture.. The kids rooms are so adorable.

    And holy crap, I need that party basement! :)

  6. LOL, I think Lorelei liked this house. Absolutely beautiful and amazing. I would of gotten so frustrated with all that decorating. But you are so very creative. Did your friend like it? Is she playing it?


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