Castle de Torence

This is the Castle de Torence! This castle is available for download. There are TWO different versions.
Version one is furnished only with the kitchen, feast hall and bathrooms.
     The link is here - Castle Version 1
Version two is furnished with 4 bedrooms, a studio, an inventing/sculpting room, a chemistry room, laundry room. Two bedrooms on the third floor are left unfurnished. All 6 rooms have attached baths.
     The link is here - Castle Version 2

**If links fail, please comment**

The lot is 60x60. There is plenty of room left to add much more furniture, to suit your own tastes.

Third floor

Second Floor

First Floor

Links for downloading are at the top of the post! Enjoy this huge castle!


  1. Wow! You are so talented :D I would never be able to do something like this. My 18 year old niece told me she likes to build houses in S3 better than playing with the Sims themselves. I've not seen hers but she assures me they are not elaborate. AND you know how to prepare them for download as well!

  2. Very cool! one day, I'll learn to build like you! :) :)


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