Tempt Cottage - Sims 2

This is Tempt Cottage - No virtual tour at this time, and I am working around an error to get it uploaded. Not available for download at this moment, check back.

It is built in and for The Sims 2
1 bedroom 1 bath, living room/library, den/study, dining room, kitchen
Front and back porch

Front overview

Back overview


Living room/Library

Living room / Library

Other half of main room
Door is to bathroom shared with master bedroom




Dining room

Master bedroom

other half of Master bed
left door - exit
right door - bathroom shared with main room

I hop you like it. I am working around the errors I am getting when I attempt an upload to The Sims 2.com.  I will update here to let you know when it is available!


  1. It's wonderful!
    I really like how you decorated the master bedroom.


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