Marlese Palace

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This is the Marlese Palace!
Outside - Patio, porch, two car parking, garden, pool
Downstairs - Den/reading area, Dining room, Kitchen, Laundry room, Half bath
Upstairs - Study with balcony, Master bedroom with full bath and balcony, Second bedroom with full bath
Price furnished : §86,800

Maltese Palace Overview

Detached Patio

Parking and Garden area, no the house does not come with the patrol car ;-)

Lagoon pool area

House front

House Back

1st Floor, layout



Den/reading area
Left door - laundry room
Right door - 1/2 bathroom

Laundry Room

Dining room


2nd Floor, layout

Upstairs Study

Study balcony

Second bedroom
Left door - full bath (who hasn't seen one of those?)
Right door - balcony

2nd Befroom balcony

First bedroom
Left door - exit
Right door - full bath (again no pic, it's a bathroom)

Download the Marlese Palace here - Marlese Palace


  1. really do like the exterior layout and the patios on this one! :) Great Job!


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