Hilltop Cottage

Welcome to Hilltop Cottage.

This home was built for a challenge - BnS94 Hawthorne Project VII. Hermey the Misfit Elf needed a new home away from his old life. He's tired of working at the factory up North, and needed a change. So he seized his moment and got a new start.


  • This is part VII of The Hawthorne Project.
  • Please create Hermey a new home, paying attention to his ideal home space.
  • Hermey's home must include a computer, a vegetable garden, a chess table, an easel, at least one musical instrument, at least one piece of fitness equipment (not including a TV or a yoga mat) and a bookcase
  • §30,000 budget. 
 Hermey has enjoyed his new home so much that he didn't want to leave long enough for us to take pictures. So he's going to be about during our photo shoot. We'll begin with the outdoor pictures, two of the front and two of the back.

We'll get some better outdoor pictures later, but Hermey wants us to go inside for a bit. This first room is the main living area. Hermey spends most his time here, if he's not outside enjoying the warm weather and green grass. Right now he's in his pajamas, doing I don't know what on his computer. This space also has plenty of books to read, and a guitar - should he choose to learn to play.

 Then, the kitchen would be his third favorite place to be, where he whips up his favorite snacks. It's grilled cheese for lunch today. Seating just for two, but that's okay with him. He's not expecting more to his family yet. Hermey doesn't really like to decorate with red or green objects, he's had enough of those colors from his past. In the kitchen, he's put up a few of his own paintings! Even though apples are red, he wanted to stick to the food decor within kitchen limits.

Next, Hermey invited us to take pictures of his bathroom, a most relaxing place. Kind of awkward though, because he was in fact using the rest room.

After his bath, Hermey headed back outside and brought us along with him. I think he really likes his photo shoot! So now, we get to explore this yard that he loves so much. This is the quiet side of the backyard. There are quite a few plants to take care of for his fresh vegetables and fruits, but he does so much adore having them at his disposal.

In the next section of the yard, we have more of the gathering spot - should he ever have company. Hermey really enjoys making his mixed drinks with the bar by the poolside. He has found the trees we have put in for him very fun indeed, and enjoys them as much as the rest of his garden. He has a couple of outdoor places to sit and he really enjoys his back lanai, he can sit or stand outside, even if it were to rain. And the pool! Quite a good idea on the fitness level, he can keep up with his figure and keep cool at the same time.

 Well, it seems like Hermey is ready for the day to be over. We only have one more thing to look at, and that's his room. He wanted us to know that he's not completely heartless and has saved one little memento to remind himself of where he came from, and why he loves this new life so much. He keeps in in his room on his dresser. He doesn't spend much time in his room, and actually requested it not have anything but the sleeping and dressing items. I think perhaps he avoids that 'memento' when he can, even though he has kept it around.

Overhead views

That would be the end of our tour with Hermey. I, for one, appreciate him showing us around! I loved his new little home, and he seems to be really enjoying it. Thank you for joining us, and we hope you enjoyed it too.

More info on the lot:

Lot traits: Home Studio, Gnomes, Great Acoustics 
Plot cost/type: §1,500 - 20x20
Home cost: §28,500
Total build cost: §30,00
Download link: The Hilltop Cottage
Challenges link: BnS#94

 Have a very peaceful night friends

A couple more pics of Hermey, living his dream:

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