Natural Oak Farms

Welcome to Natural Oak Farms! It's a small 2 bedroom house with attached dual greenhouses. The orchard out back provides delicious fruits all season long. One bath shared by both bedrooms, eat in kitchen and a living room.

Price for this lovely home is just §45,600! Parking for one, but space to add more if desired. Enjoy the build. I've made this for the Build and Share challenge Megami Market, part one. This is a very simple home, with a very productive yard!

Living Room

Dining area

Kitchen, window views the Greenhouses and makes it easy to see if there are any eggs before going out to collect!


One bedroom - door on left is bathroom
There is a mirror over that dresser, but I apparently got the pic before adding that. Sorry.
Bathroom, 3 door entry.

Second bedroom

Outside shots

The cows have gotten used to the three rat family living with them :)

Thank you for viewing my new home! I wish I could live here myself... I hope you liked it! Feel free to comment and criticize. I appreciate you.

*****There is a bunch of Custom Content within this house, and though I don't remember all names of creators ---- THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your work! Each one of you do amazing and wonderful things. I appreciate you. If you see your own work in my home, THANK YOU! I can promise it won't be uploaded or reused in anyway.


  1. Sorry, Wish there was an edit button for comments. lol. I just said,, that I am in awe of how clean your homes are. Even when I don't use clutter decor mine don't look that clean or bright. I love this build! Great job!

    1. Thank you hon <3
      LOL yes I know what you mean, I even try and 'dirty' it up a bit with clutter things but it's always much cleaner than I aim for!

  2. This is awesome.. I did this challenge too. About to upload now. Can I ask how you actually get chickens in the coops? Mine just says No chicks. Lol

    1. Thanks. When you first buy the chicken coop, randomly a chicken will come out. For chicks, you need to leave the eggs in there for a few days. I'm not sure the exact amount though sorry. I think it's at least 3 days. Then they will hatch and the baby chicks will run around just outside the coop <3 They are too adorable. You can play with them too. Basically, if you want chicks, don't harvest eggs.

      Thank you. I'm glad you liked my build. I just looked at the rest of the entries, so I must have seen yours as well but I'm unsure of which was yours...


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