Jaden Home

*** This home is no longer available for download - sorry ***

This is Jaden Home!
The lot size is 30x40. House is equipped with basement, computer room, 2 bedrooms, a nursery, 2 full bath, kitchen/dining room & living room.

Front View

Living Room



Master Bedroom

Nursery - attached to Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Second Bedroom

Second bedroom and Guest Bath

Computer room with basement access

Stairs to basement on the right

Back porch

Back 'patio'


Enjoy, I hope you like it.


  1. Well I commented but blogger gave me an error code. Rats.

    Anyway, what I said was "Great House! I especially like the nursery and I wish TS2 had basements! :D"

  2. Lori! You have not made a basement in TS2 yet?? It is possible, I will see if I can get you some instructions. I will post on your FB wall!!

    I love the nursery too, probably my fave room. Glad you like it!


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