Generation 4 Fuller Home

Welcome to the new Fuller house. Thank you for viewing and remember; if you wish to download this house please leave a comment, I'll be glad to put it up for you!

Front View

Back Yard

Empty Garden

Back View

First Floor Layout

Entry way

Living Room / Reading Center

Den / Study


Basement Access

Dining Room

Second Floor Layout

Top of Stair

Hall with computer

Jennifer's room

Logan's Room

Master Bedroom



  1. So lovely! The kids rooms are gorgeous, I love the wall paper you've used.
    Didn't we get a lot of great things with Generations EP!

    The Den/Study looks cozy. I imagine that's where Brian works comfortably to his cases.


  2. I love love that expansion pack. It is my favorite! Love everything about it. Thanks for joining Jennifer - xo

  3. Lovely home! Wish we had prams and strollers in TS2, I'm jealous. Anyway, love your homes as always. Maybe when I get my laptop (with TS3) hooked up to the internet (when I can get someone in my family to help me!)I can download some of your homes--that would be great :)


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