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I've entered a 'challenge' on house building. Thought it sounded cool. I've never done it before though. Wish me luck <3

This is what was required:
Required build on the lot at the end of Waterfall Way in Sunset Valley
• Small house
• 1 bed, 1 bath
• Artist Studio
• Perch for Tear
• Kitchen
• Living area
• Small herb and veggie garden
• Reforest the lot
Budget: $55,000

The house (furnished) costs just under §55,000! Here are the many pictures taken of it. It's simple and cozy, I hope you like it. It is up for download here.


Garden, with bird perch


Living room

 Dining Room, with view of waterfall from windows.





First Floor Layout

Second floor layout, just bedroom/studio and balcony.



  1. I love this!! I've been in a bit of a Simming slump lately. I just haven't been in the mood to load up the game but looking at these pictures makes me want to play again. :)


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