The Carmine Stag

Welcome to The Carmine Stag! This house will not be available to download, my apologies.

This is a perfect house for a blooming family, or a single person! Open floor plans leave plenty of space. House includes; Eat in kitchen, Living area, office space, upstairs fireplace, two bedrooms and two full bath. The underground garage holds one car space and the backyard has a garden ready for planting.

The cost of the house fully furnished is §59,835.
Enjoy the pictures! Feel free to comment below. I always like constructive critics!

Main room

First floor full bath 

Eat in kitchen 

Upstairs den with fireplace 

Second bedroom 

Upstairs full bath 

Master bedroom 



*****EDIT***** Revision to the backyard -- to include what it was supposed to have. With as much as I could do anyway... 
I sold the 'too modern anyway' fireplace for the money, this is the new setup upstairs


I really hope you like the house! Leave your questions, comments or concerns below. Thank you for viewing my page.

*****There is a bunch of Custom Content within this house, and though I don't remember all names of creators ---- THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your work! Each one of you do amazing and wonderful things. I appreciate you. If you see your own work in my home, THANK YOU! I can promise it won't be uploaded or reused in anyway.


  1. Wow, I love it. I really love the bag of groceries on the counter. and all the little clutter items. But still it's so clean. :) Mine never turn out like that. I wonder why? Oh well. lol. The yard and garden are awesome, i love how did the garage/car port! Getting the land elevation right is something I don' think I will ever master. Way to go!!!


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