Rodina Domaci

Welcome to the Rodina Domaci! This one was made for someone special. I do hope you love it.

This ready to live in home is fully equipped with everything you would need. The only thing missing is your family! Stands ready for you at about §170,000. Yes, a lot, but totally worth every penny.
Full Kitchen, and separate dining room. Downstairs is the 'quiet' zone, where you sit to study, work or play chess in the living room. Upstairs you'll find the family area, with TV and creative outlets, not to mention the music.
One master bedroom, with attached full bath.
One infant/toddler/child room loaded with toys to entertain
One teen/young adult room ready to accommodate a friend visiting overnight.
The basement is equipped with a butlers room if you need it - or just a place to put the bad kids ;) (kidding!). Entertainment can be found down there too - also exercise equipment and maybe a hobby or two.

**No custom content or store items used. Using EP's - Ambitions, Generations, Island Paradise, Late Night, Master Suite Stuff, Seasons, University, and World Adventures, Pets.**

Enjoy the pictures!
Outside views.

Aerial view of full home
First floor tour
Foyer and Reading nook


Living room, Study


Full Kitchen 

Formal dining room, with drink bars

1st Floor layout

 Upstairs tour
Main area, family room

Master bedroom

Infant/Child room

Teen/Young Adult room

Bathroom connecting kids rooms

2nd Floor layout

Basement layout

I do hope you liked the house! Thanks for viewing. It is available for download Here. Have a happy life in your happy home! Feel free to comment.


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